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Luca of Lollibomb Beauty
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Lollibomb Beauty (Formerly Lushbox, Inc.) is the creation of one slightly wild twenty-something disinterested in boring bath and body products and dissatisfied with conventional fragrances. Sure, anyone can slather themselves with vanilla body butter, but what about the more indulgent dessert scents, like Deep Fried Ice Cream or Buttermilk Pancakes? Earthy scents like New Age Girl and Lucky Bamboo were also a must, as girls cannot survive on sweet smelling fragrances alone. Mango Papaya and Cherry Lemonade became necessary considerations in the scent department to satisfy the fruit itch. Now armed with a bevy of delicious fragrances that range from mild to wild, Lushbox, Inc. has found it's place on every bad girl's bathroom shelf, with products that include super thick moisturizers, luscious body washes and soy milk baths, decadent organic sugar scrubs, and more! With the addition of natural cosmetic products, now you can look as good as you smell with mineral foundation powders, lip glosses, and other delightful makeup treats.

Everything you see here has Luca of Lollibomb's personal stamp of approval, and she believes that you'll agree this is stuff is oh-so-good, and good for you! All items are created in small batches to ensure ultimate freshness, utilizing high quality ingredients sure to make you feel great. Come experience what thousands of pretty-smelling girls and boys in the know have already discovered, and catch the buzz on Lollibomb!

Lollibomb Beauty is a member of the ever fabulous Hollywood Craft Mafia and Etsy Green and Clean Guild.

Want to discuss a joint collaboration or cross-promotional event between Lollibomb and your indie business? We're all ears.

Lollibomb Beauty is an Etsy Top Seller with over almost 2,000 sales and 100% positive feedback! Lollibomb was an also a Featured Etsy Seller.